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Phrases that have meaning

January 21st, 2013
I have come to respect, over the past 20 years of practice, the value of certain phrases and/or references----that mean more than the mere words that comprise them. These include:
• “Never is a long time”
• “Let the game come to you”
• “Treading water” is okay

“Never is a long time”

The point of this phrase, when I say it, is that hopefulness and optimism are more powerful than fear and anxiety about what the future holds. There are times when I have a patient who has to “live with” some level of pain or discomfort. I myself wonder, at times, whether I will be able to meet the physical demands of my job well into the future. It’s critical to live in the present moment, and as was shown masterfully in the movie “Cast Away”, take one day at a time----because you never know what tomorrow will bring. In “Cast Away”, early on, Tom Hanks loses hope and contemplates taking his own life----but the surf eventually brought him what he needed to be saved. So too might the current challenges we all face be mitigated “tomorrow.” We need to endure, adapt, and embrace hopefulness.

“Let the game come to you”

The point of this phrase, when I say it, is that we do not have to force a decision necessarily. If I have a patient who is having trouble deciding whether to have surgery, live with a problem----or whatever, I will often acknowledge that as long as there is no significant downside to holding on any decision, then “chill.” “Let the game come to you” means that the best decision for you will become evident with time.

“Treading water” is okay

This is often said along with the above phrase----the status quo may be okay so long as there is no significant downside---ie there’s a limited window for success with an intervention (either therapy or surgery) unless one acts NOW. In fact---this is unusual---so as long as one’s head does not go below the surface for too long----treading water until “the game comes to you” is perfectly fine.

What’s the point of relying on these types of phrases? Well----it’s to communicate effectively. In 2013, after 20 years of practice, listening and communicating are skills that I enthusiastically work on daily!


Maryann Mazzaferro

I think the point to be made here is to listen and communicate. How important this is in a relationship with a physician cannot be underrated. Over the years that I have been in Tomaino Orthopedic care I learned quickly the value of this skill. There were times I had to step back and "tread the water" but knowing at that time it was ok. Down the road there was and would come that ray of sunshine I had prayed for. One thing about dr. Tomaino - He listens and communicates. What a wonderful role model amd skill for all of us to carry over into 2013! I always read his blogs and realize how much of his compassionate philosophy app-lies to our everyday lives and certainly to Tomaino Orthopedic Care.

January 24th, 2013 @ 11:23 am

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