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Patient Reviews

Since beginning to rigorously solicit feedback since April of 2012, Dr Tomaino has exceeded national benchmarks for patient satisfaction in these categories. This graph shows the percentage of "5's" (with a 5 being perfect) given to us compared to the national average.

Dr. Tomaino's view on Patient Reviews:

We don't view reviews as either right or wrong but, rather, always absolutely valid. We feel that reviews are about how you felt about your interaction with us so we want to know. If you'd like to give us a review after your visit with me'we would appreciate it. Please take this opportunity to help us continue to develop so that we may provide the best care for you. If you would like to see what other patients feel about their experience with us, read the reviews below.

Value his diagnosis and trust his surgery. Over a period of years I've had left shoulder surgery, three "trigger finger" releases, carpal tunnel surgery, and treatment for both wrists. I'm scheduled for right shoulder surgery in two weeks. I keep going back to him because all past treatments have been successful. When I see him for appointments I'm always seen at the scheduled time. "Beside manner" is excellent. Staff is wonderful. What more to say? If it's broke he fixes it. They even stamp your parking ticket which gives you a discount. Go see him.
William; Feb 16 2018
Doctor Tomaino and his office staff are wonderful. The first impression you get is that they really care.
So rare these days! I'm not a big fan of doctors, believe me. But after meeting Dr Tomaino I might just change my mind. If they were all just like him!!! He is upbeat, friendly, and sincere as he chats with you to address your problem. I traveled 1.5 hours and was not disappointed. A close friend recommended him to me and said he was the best shoulder specialist in the Rochester area. I am actually excited for my next visit instead of dreading the long drive.
Lynne; Dec 12 2017
I recently had arthritis in my thumb with carpal tunnel. I had a local Dr/Hand surgeon perform surgery on that hand with no success. So after almost a year of recovery I was on the search again for another doctor that could help me & that's how I came to find Dr. Tomaino....through a google search. When I called to make an appointment, I couldn't believe what a nice & pleasant experience I had. The girls are so friendly & caring & I was glad they were able to get me in as soon as possible. When I would arrive for an appointment the wait was never very long like most Dr offices. When I agreed to have surgery again, Dr. Tomaino made me feel at ease, that I made the right choice to come to him considering the long distance I travel. I have to travel 4.5 hours (253 miles) to see him & IT IS SO WORTH IT!. Not only is he very confident in what he does, but it's in a good way. I really like the fact that he makes himself available(meaning if you need to speak to him or have a question), you can send him a message through his web site & he gets back to you. NO KIDDING!! He has responded to me I would say within a half hour, maybe less. I just can't say enough about how blessed I feel to know that I'm in very good hands....though the girls in the office, to Dr Tomaino himself. What a great team!!!
Barbra; Nov 17 2017
Dr. Tomaino was recommended to me by my Mother whom he operated on both of her trigger thumbs very successfully. I have been seeing him for the past year due to a shoulder issue and will be having surgery done this winter. He is an excellent doctor who listens to what his patients want. I feel very confident that my care is in the right hands. His staff are also very friendly and helpful!
Aimee; Sep 03 2017
Nothing. The office is beautiful and immaculate. All the staff were very professional and friendly. Dr. Tomaino was warm and welcoming. He really took time to help me and did not rush the process like others have before.
Aug 11 2014
You cannot improve on perfection so since you all are perfect I would not change a thing.
Aug 10 2014
I can't think of anything. You run a very efficient office!
Aug 04 2014
Nothing needs to be improve, it is all outstanding
Aug 04 2014
Send me home with MRI photos and show what will be done to correct the problem.
Aug 04 2014
I love it there!!! Couldn't be a more pleasant experience!! And that even includes getting injections :)
Jul 31 2014
There is nothing I would change. Everyone is caring and courteous
Jul 21 2014
Nothing I had a warm experience keep it and Dont change a thing...
Jul 21 2014
Move closer to Binghamton! No, had no issues!
Jun 20 2014
My experience was one of the best I ever experienced medically and I would not change a thing.
Jun 12 2014
Can't think of anything. Provide free coffee? lol But there wouldn't be time to drink it because I never have to wait long for my appointment!
Jun 11 2014
absolutely nothing. you all were great. thank you so much . it was great meeting you all. i would highly recommend you. i am feeling better.
Jun 10 2014
more PT instruction.
Jun 10 2014
I really would have to struggle to find something that your office could improve upon. My experience at Dr. Tomaino's office was very professional and courteous. Very nice job. My thanks and appreciation.
Jun 10 2014
Nothing God Bless you all
Jun 10 2014
I can't think of a thing!
Jun 10 2014
You have a very efficient office staff, and that is half the battle.
Jun 09 2014
I can not come up with one suggestion.
Jun 02 2014
Need more time with doctor to ask questions
May 10 2014
there is not one thing I would change.
May 08 2014
I was so completely satisfied with my treatment while in your care, I honestly can not think of a think I would have you change :)
May 08 2014