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Attentive Listening

March 18th, 2012
Effective communication relies on attentive listening. Though I am arguably imperfect in my goal to be a good listener all the time, my intention is resolute.
It's critical to a favorable experience from the perspective of my patients--and no less important than the actual quality of the care I provide.

How do we, as physicians, ensure CQI---continual quality improvement??
We do this by soliciting feedback, and then using the feedback to improve the offering. And that's exactly what I will be doing beginning in April.
Using, a leader in patient satisfaction surveys, patients will anonymously complete a survey at the end of their visit, if they are willing, so that we can appreciate where we need to improve. Afterall, the notion of CQI is that "Quality" is a moving target.
I intend to make this data available so that current and future patients have confidence in the level of care that I provide, and appreciate the authenticity of my commitment to patient satisfaction with their care experience.
The practice of providing “world class” health care gets more challenging all the time. My hope is that our patient satisfaction survey data will foster our goal of being among the best.


Susan F

Dr Tomaino,
You and your staff have been great. I have always felt that my care was top notch and that my "satisfaction with it" was your top priority. Thank you again.

March 23rd, 2012 @ 7:58 am

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