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In Pursuit of a Total that Exceeds the Sum of the Parts

March 7th, 2009
When we hear this phrase, "the total is greater than the sum of the parts" we expect extra value----something which distinguishes the offering; something remarkable.

It's easy to aspire to provide something that the consumer regards as extraordinary---or to proclaim that the offering is indeed "that"! But, it's quite a feat to actually deliver.

As one who founded a Practice with the above goal in mind, I am aware, daily, how easy and understandable it may be to resign oneself, and one's staff to "the status quo". In healthcare today it seems that being too busy, too burdened by paperwork, and the list goes on--------excuses our failure to deliver truly extraordinary care.

How depressing a reality if you are the patient! And I reject that resignation each and every day that I wake up and go to the office or the operating room. Rejecting the status quo--mediocrity--begins with a passionate commitment to be the Best. It requires the highest level of competence and accountability, bundled with compassion and optimism.

Being empowered by the privilege of helping my patients feel better, and the prospect of never being told that my insistence on excellence is too demanding, is why I founded Tomaino Orthopaedic Care in July 2008, and why each and every day I hope you see my commitment to give you the best care.

It can improve, ofcourse, when your needs are not met---by sharing your constructive feedback with me. My Team and I aspire to provide the finest most responsive care for your shoulder, hand and elbow anywhere. The "Contact Dr Tomaino" section on my website provides unparalleled acces to me. Have you ever felt that your Doctor is unreachable? This is one of the ways I hope to provide superlative value to you for choosing us.


Linda Rumbaugh

Fortunately for your patients, Dr. Tomaino, you not only aspire to deliver extraordinary care, you actually achieve it ~ on a consistent, regular basis. Your commitment to being accessible to your patients was a great "security blanket" for me when I had my thumb surgery so far (283 miles) from home. You made me feel confident that you would "be there" for me , regardless of when I needed to contact you with a concern. AND YOU HAVE BEEN EXACTLY THAT ~ as soon as I have contacted you with a post-op concern, your answer was nearly immediate!!! It is truly an awesome blessing to know that you are only an email away!! THANK YOU FOR THE EXTRAORDINARY CARE YOU'VE GIVEN MY HUSBAND & ME. Prior to our experience with you, it has been our experience that there seems to be a direct correlation between a doctor's level of expertise and his inaccessibility to his patients.
Thank you again for being such an amazing doctor!!

May 14th, 2009 @ 2:24 pm

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