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The Impact of the Individual

February 5th, 2009
Sure---most of us work in jobs where "individual" achievement may be masked by "corporate" or "group" accomplishment. And, for the most part, a "team approach" is a philosophy that I embrace. But what may occasionally result from a culture that does not appropriately recognize and celebrate "individual" accomplishment is a "resignation" that what one does or does not do in their daily life does not really matter---that somehow, the team/group will pick up the slack.This arguably leads to a level of disempowerment----"If one's overachievement or extraordinary effort is not "appreciated" or embraced----then, for many, it may cease to exist.

Last evening when a Hospitalist from a "small town" hospital shouldered, herself, the challenge of getting a very sick patient triaged to a specialist in Rochester (myself), I was reminded just how impactful the acts/behavior/commitment of Individuals can be. What a consumate and dedicated professional----who today---called to make certain that her patient(for that day only) was okay, and to inquire how the surgery for his hand and forearm went.

The message of the day is to be Remarkable, even if you think no one notices------it is indeed a powerful reflection of one's gratitude for the gifts we are given, and an attestation that we wish to share them!





Maryann Mazzaferro

Dr. Tomaino
What a wonderful philolsophy to follow. These are true words of wisdom and so applies to my first week back to work after my shoulder surgery. Let's not hesitate to be recognized for our achievements as individuals.It's not always the "group that matters. We all have something to offer in our own "individual" ways- a chance to be Remarkable!!! I'll carry your advice with me each day I enter my school building. Plus the power of that smile we all need to wear!!! Keeping this in mind is one of the best healing medicines around!!! Thanks for your wisdom and advice.I had to print this again .My spelling errors are the worst around for a librarian!!!!!

February 7th, 2009 @ 11:38 am

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