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The "Country" is Flat

October 25th, 2008
Many of you may have read, or at least heard of "The World is Flat" by Thomas Friedman. He offers many examples of the interconnectedness of the world economy, and increases our appreciation of the value of diminishing costs of communication, access to information, and global markets.

So too is our Country "Flat" when it comes to how seamlessly information can be shared via the Internet. This applies to information about Medical Care as well! Ofcourse, the quality of the information may be called into question--which underscores the importance of accurate "sourcing" and the credibility and reputation of the Contributors.

Since I enhanced my website after leaving the University of Rochester Department of Orthopaedics, where I was a Professor and Chief of the Hand and Upper Extremity Division, to begin Tomaino Orthopaedic Care for Shoulder, Hand and Elbow, I have been privileged to receive, almost daily, emails from people all over the country. Many are between a rock and a hard place and hope to have a question answered or an issue clarified. Some patients areactually quite serious about coming to Rochester for a consultation and possible treatment. And I have had the special privilege of performing complex surgery on a few patients from outside the region. In some cases the nearest Medical Center is hundreds of miles away; in others it's right down the street, paradoxically. I have had patients email me from Seattle, Tuscon, New Orleans, Detroit, San Francisco among many other cities and small towns.

I am always amazed by the challenges facing these people locally, in terms of access and responsiveness. But unlike Politics, for which it's been said that "[it's] local", medical care and expertise is truly available without regard for state boundaries. In that regard, Thomas Friedman's message in "The World is Flat" is a hopeful one--superlative care in this country is available in many places AND provided in each and every case, fundamentally, by dedicated, experienced and caring "People", not by "Places", "Centers" or "Institutes".

So, whether 6, 60, 600 or 1600 miles away-- a meaningful dialogue, thoughtful brief reply or simply a referral to a colleague closer to home "adds value". What a source of professional satisfaction for me--to help patients navigate through the challenges of difficult decisions, not only in upstate NY, but all over the country.

Indeed, I am committed to helping those in need find a direct route to a successful outcome, even if that means hopping on an airplane and coming to see my team of truly gifted "People"--therapists, nurses, and physician-colleagues at Rochester General Health System.






maryann mazzaferro

Dr. Tomaino - The
area which you encompass is phenomenal!! A
few complex surgeries yes!!
I think i can speak for that honestly and the value of searching
out Tomaino care
to solve my very
delicate and intricate shoulder problem. Believe
me, distance is nop factor when it comes to health
and gthe finest of care. Beware of trying to find all those answers on the internet!!
Go to the experts, and don\'\'t hesitate to travel right to Rochester
for it!!

October 28th, 2008 @ 12:07 pm

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