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The Satus quo: when to defend, and when to challenge?

August 30th, 2008
When I say during surgery, "This is the way I do it" I mean that my insistence on quality and aversion to "variance" relies on doing certain things the same way every time. Indeed, when it comes to certain fundamental components of my offering--both surgical and nonoperative, consistency and reliability rule the day. Minimizing "variance" is the basis of "Total Quality Management" initiatives, and when it comes to your confidence and trust---knowing that your care will be predicated on a Zero-Tolerance for variance is more than appreciated; it is insisted upon.

However, when others say, "this is the way it's done here"......or, "This is the way we do it" it may mean "don't upset the apple cart. "

The challenge is to know when to embrace the way things are done, and when to drive "change"----the art and science of what I do is to balance the need to constantly improve and drive change initiatives with a fundamental commitment to minimizing variance!!


maryann mazzaferro

In the area of "don't upset the apple cart"'you are so right dr. tomaino- it's just a nice way of saying this is the way things are done around here. I can apply that to so many situations when I think it's just better to keep things the way they are rather than attempt to challenge and strive for perhaps a better way. YOU ARE SO INNOVATIVE AND UP-TO-DATE ON
all information you relay to your patients it's amazing. As a librian i can appreciate those quotes from September's Harvard Business Review!! You are such an incentive- it's important to take that challenge many times and don't be afraid to upset that apple cart!!

September 26th, 2008 @ 2:35 pm

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