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Who is your Surgeon, AND where is it performed?

August 21st, 2008
No one would quarrel with the importance of their surgeon's competence, experience, technical skill and judgement. Surgical outcome may, however, have a bit more to do --than one might anticipate-- with where it is performed. In other words, the working environment may foster or hinder the best possible experience for you as a "consumer" of quality care for your shoulder,hand, elbow---or whatever!
I have been privileged to work at Linden Oaks Surgery Center and Lattimore Surgery Center over the past 4-5 years, where every aspect of the care experience is provided by consumate professionals--charged with being compromises. There is no more advantageous an environment to your outcome. When a patient provides constructive feedback, the staff and administration responds.
So too, since I have joined the medical staff of Rochester General Hospital, have I been impressed with such a patient-centered commitment. Every individual I meet seems to challenge the notion that an In-patient hospital is just too large or too busy to care about "customer-service".
Bravo to the Customer-centric cultures shared by these operations. Every patient should consider Where they have their surgery performed as carefully as their decision regarding Who performs it.


maryann mazzaferro

in answer to this text area, i just recently had my first experience with surgery at rochester general. i am from out of town, and i will certainly say my stay at rgh was an example of superb care and treatment. no one was ever to busy to care about my needs and well-being. yes, my 5 hour surgery seemed a little scary at first. but the staff at rgh should be commended for their expertise in superb dedication to patient care.

September 12th, 2008 @ 2:48 pm

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