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What the Mind does not know, the Eye does not see

August 2nd, 2008
Perhaps you have heard the above phrase. It can also be stated that "what the mind does not know, the ear does not hear."

From my perspective, as a Shoulder, Hand and Elbow expert, a never ending--I dare say "relentless" pursuit of knowledge--is fueled by our aversion for the consequences of not "seeing" or "hearing". This is why I study many journals weekly, lecture nationally several times a year, and correspond with colleagues around the globe regularly.

"Listening"----however, has more to do with the heart than the head. It's through our willingness to listen carefully to you---to appreciate your concerns and expectations, that we are empowered to help.

Leonard Urso, an unrivaled local artist ( addresses the healing connection between the Hand and the Heart in a wonderful painting in my waiting room--symbolic of the central role of both to our brand--Tomaino Care.

Our Hand, our Heart, and our Knowledge (and Experience) are integral to our vocation at Tomaino Orthopaedic Care----Helping you to Feel Better.




Maryann Mazzaferro

great advice- How often has a student said to me "why don't you
just listen to what
I have to say?'' I'll
attempt to do more of that- it's the key understanding a
person's concerns and helping them-
"Listening"Dr.Tomaino is certainly one of your many
PR skills!

August 27th, 2008 @ 11:49 am

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