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Choice--Exercise this opportunity wisely

August 2nd, 2008
What a powerful opportunity exists when we not only "have" choice(s), but also "exercise" choice. Indeed, Webster's dictionary acknowledges the former to mean "options or alternatives" and the latter to mean "preference or selection". "Preference" suggests the guidance of choice by one's judgement or predilections.

Indeed, one's choice--the act of choosing-- and the power to choose need not be "random"--determined by accident rather than design.

"Choice" can also mean "worthy of being chosen"--which shifts accountability from the one who "chooses" to the "Choice". From my perspective, it is a weighty privilege to be "Chosen" to care for a patient who desires not merely great competence and skill, but also compassion and sound judgement.

We exercise choice all the time--when we make decisions about how to spend our time, what to purchase in the store etc. When it comes to your Shoulder--pain, rotator cuff tear, arthritis--or your elbow or hand problem for that matter, there are many choices. Make certain that your "act of choosing" is thoughtful and based on an appreciation of your options. You deserve to be empowered by information about best practices, your surgeon's experience, and the alternatives.

"Choosing" is an opportunity. Being "Chosen" is a privlege.


Maryann Mazzaferro

As an educator I can relate to your
comments on excercising
choice. Yes, a patient chooses
a physician because of competence and skill, compassion
and judgement.
Thanks foe letting me be a member of your class!!

August 27th, 2008 @ 11:40 am
Dr Tomaino

Maryann-- What a privilege to shoulder the challenge of helping you to feel better ( no pun intended.) It goes without saying that my number 1 mission is meeting or exceeding your expectation. That having been said, the dialogue, trust, and journey towards that end is rewarding in and of itself!

August 30th, 2008 @ 5:32 pm

When I injured my arm at work I did not have a choice. Off to Occ. Med I went to be examined by two staff Doctors. They didn’t know what to do and I was sent to a PA in Orthopaedics. He also didn’t’ know what to say and sent me to see a Neurologist…again, no answers. Once I reached the 90 period for Worker’s Comp the choice finally became mine. I began a search of my own to find someone who would listen and give me the answers I needed to get rid of the pain.
With two names in hand and the Internet at my fingertips I began my search. One doctor in Syracuse, 1hr 40min away, one in Rochester 2hrs away, and one in Owego, 40min away. I called Owego first (closest). They wanted my records for review to determine whether or not mine was a worthwhile case. I searched again and reviewed the website for the office in Syracuse (next closest), but could find much about the doctor other than a smiling picture and a brief paragraph about his schooling and current employer. I did not call them.
The third name on my list was Dr. Tomaino. When I got to his website it was like those new Disney World adds…the one with the kid in class opening his book and all of the balloons start floating out…. There is so much information available on this website! Personal history, articles, blogs, videos, and the contact info…. I called late in the day and was scheduled in a week; basically no questions asked!
In this case the choice wasn’t the most obvious one on paper, but very quickly became the clear choice. When you visit the office you truly get a sense of how honored they are to have you there. They take the ‘privilege of being chosen’ to heart. That atmosphere is apparent the moment you walk through the door.


July 17th, 2009 @ 1:39 pm

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