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Our Core Values

August 6th, 2014
The fundamental backbone of an organization is their core values. Indeed, operationalizing these values results in a brand identity for a successful enterprise in most cases. Values are expressed as behaviors and practices. Customer service, quality, value are but a few of the benchmarks that may exist.

In health care, it goes without saying that patient satisfaction, quality and safety are imperative. The DNA of the organization---its core values---give rise to not only its unique operating principles, but also its value proposition. An organization's core values are, in truth, not for its customers to see plastered on an elevator door or entranceway, but for its employees---the team of individuals entrusted to provide service.

This past winter I engaged a consultant to work closely with Amy, Bonnie, Lisa and myself in order to "peel back the onion" and define our practice model and our core values-----the deeply held, shared convictions that are the basis for all that the members of the Tomaino Orthopaedic Care team hope to do in a given work day.

We arrived at the following :

Our purpose is to provide excellent medical care and a supportive, mind-body-spirit connection that assists patients in their journey toward wellness.

Our practice model enables us to live our core values and to pursue continuous learning so that we can provide expert care, leaving us feeling fulfilled and grateful. The number of patients we see and the surgeries completed never exceeds our ability to provide the kind of care and compassion that fulfills the mind-body-spirt needs of each patient in a timely manner, leaving our patients feeling truly special and cared for.

Our Values are:

1. Commitment: We are here unconditionally for our patients. There is no judgment.

2. Compassion: Our patients feel listened to, and cared for physically, emotionally, spiritually

3. Accountability: We behave with excellence, integrity, and full responsibility

Because we may not always achieve what we intend--our core values notwithstanding--we ask for feedback regularly because we share a deep interest in improving our offering each and every day.




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